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Strap On Tools-Comco Kit Mechanic 8" Caramel Part # 752875610739

Strap On Tools-Comco Kit Mechanic 8" Caramel 752875610739
Strap On Tools Stud Combo Kit The Mechanic 8 inches Caramel. Kit includes 8 inches dildo, utility belt harness and a stud adapter. The Mechanic is known to have a broad knowledge of expertise and ability. Tending to all sorts of leaks and squeaks, this Stud is definitely equipped to keep your oil changed regularly. The Mechanic prefers working alone, because he wants you all to himself! You will not catch him hanging out with any of his friends on the job. Boasting a full and erect 8 inches, the Mechanic is naturally an early riser and eager to help with anything you might have problems with. Need an extra hand? Sturdy and supportive. Compatible with all Si Novelties Strap On Tools. Stud Adapter is designed to hold any Strap On tools dong in place, to keep any drill job pleasurable and fun! Just insert the Stud Adapter into your Strap On Tools strap into your Strap-On tools strap,snap it in place and you are ready to go to work! Since the Stud Adapter is compatible with all sizes, it is easy to customize your Strap On for endless possibilities and excitement. Customize your harness with the Strap On Tools Utility Belt. Pair with your favorite Strap On Tools Stud using Strap On Tools. Strap it and snap it! For best results use with High Performance Powder. One size fits most
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