Optimum Series Precision Pump with Enhancer

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Optimum Series Precision Pump with Enhancer


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Optimum Series Precision Pump With Enhancer

Precision Pump brings you a one-step pleasure enhancement system to maximize both sensations and size with the Precision Pump with Erection Enhancer. 8 inches of length and 2 inches of width are ready to help you pump you up to your greatest potential!

The smoky, translucent cylinder allows you to enjoy the view as the pump works its magic. The pump works using a powerful suction system that creates an airtight seal that increases pressure and promotes greater results. This allows for firmer experiences and, over time, encourages growth in both length and girth as you pump.

The cylinder’s precise measurement system allows you to track your progress as you pump. The flexible, non-crimping hose lets you pump comfortably in any position. It’s detachable for effortless cleanup.

The black bulb lets you pump pressure into the cylinder with a simple squeeze. When you’re done pumping, a quick release valve immediately releases the suction. The ribbed sleeve at the base of the shaft keeps your manhood comfortable and your seal completely airtight for optimum results.

This pump comes with a soft, stretchy Erection Enhancer that can be slipped easily onto the base of the pump’s cylinder. When you’re ready to transition from pump to play, just use the easy-grip handles on the sides of the enhancer to pull it onto yourself. The enhancer allows you to maintain those rock-hard results, increases your stamina, and maximizes your sensitivity.

Pump yourself up and supercharge your play at the same time with the one-step Precision Pump with Erection Enhancer!

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