Lubricant is a liquid or gel, with the primary purpose of adding moisture to intimate areas to reduce friction and increase pleasure. Usually composed of water, silicone, natural oils or a hybrid of all, personal lube is incredibly versatile and can be used to make masturbation, intercourse, oral sex, and penetrative sex with sex toys more pleasurable. Lube is a wonderful addition to anyone’s adult toy box as it is proven to minimize friction, chafing, soreness, and discomfort. Studies have even shown that using lubricant improves even the best sex, and makes it easier to orgasm!

If you are interested in bringing personal lube to your play sessions, you are in the right place. Water-based lube is the best place to start since it can be used for all sexual situations: penetrative sex, masturbation, toys, and foreplay. It’s also the best bet for those who have sensitive skin and it’s easy to clean up. It is not recommended for water play, since it washes away so easily.

Silicone lube is another really popular option! It is thicker and less absorbent than water-based lubes, which makes it perfect for longer intimate sessions. It is also perfect for water play! It can be used in the shower, the pool, wherever you want to get wet and slippery. It cleans up with soap and water. Even though silicone lubricant is hugely popular, there are a couple of things to be aware of. It is not recommended for use with any materials except glass and metal, as others can react poorly with silicone and cause your beloved toys to break down over time. It is also known to stain delicate fabrics.

A Hybrid personal lube is what some consider to be the best of both worlds. Hybrid lubes are usually about 90% water-based and 10% silicone, so you get the benefits of both types of lube. Hybrid lubricants are as adaptable as water-based lubes, but they last longer and don't absorb as quickly. They CAN be used with toys, are super easy to clean up and don’t stain like purely silicone lubes!

Some of our absolute favorite personal lubes are from Wicked Sensual Care, CalExotics, Sensuva! Don’t forget to pick up a lube shooter while you’re there. A lube shooter is a peronsal lubricant applicator you can put between the cheeks, or wherever else you want to apply lube and make lubing up more precise than ever before.

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