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Welcome to Starship Enterprises

For over four decades, Starship Enterprises has served the great people of Georgia with the finest choices in pleasure products and smoking accessories. With 21 adult stores statewide, we are known for our large selection, competitive pricing and convenient locations, but we are beloved for our friendly, educated staff who assist each customer on their journey towards greater pleasure.

Every member of Starship’s retail team is trained to ask and answer questions designed to guide customers to the products that will enrich their intimate experiences. We are proud to be Georgia’s #1 sexual health and wellness destination.

Our Mission

At Starship, we are dedicated to providing high-quality sex toys, novelties, and mood enhancers at affordable prices, ensuring that everyone has access to greater intimate moments. We believe sexual health begins with pleasure, and aim to provide the tools for shame-free, pleasure-based sex education to all who seek it. Your pleasure is quite truly our business.

Values, Beliefs, and Commitments

We have worked to create an atmosphere that is both safe and sex-positive where individuals can access products that excite them. Extensively trained to offer pleasure based sex education and product recommendations, each team member is committed to promoting sexual health and wellness.

At Starship, the customer experience is paramount to our business. We prioritize a clean and comfortable shopping environment, creating a safe space for shoppers to be curious and ask questions. We understand that sexual pleasure is different for everyone and we strive to respect everyone’s process.

In an effort to keep our stores comfortable for everyone, we do not offer video booths at any of our locations. We do not condone any sexual activity, nudity, or solicitation on site. Starship’s adult stores are an inclusive destination to learn and make educated purchases for intimate discovery and pleasure at a future time.

Due to the nature of our progressive ideals, Starship, and its team members, have faced both legal and personal discrimination over the last 40 years. Starship Enterprises has and always will be staunch advocates for free speech and freedom of expression. Our ethos has always centered on inclusivity and we welcome individuals of all political affiliations, genders, sexualities, races, and identities. At Starship, we understand that the pursuit of pleasure is a birthright for all.

History of Starship

Starship's journey began in August of 1978 as a small chain of record stores founded by Lamar Huff. In 1996, after four years of computer and security work for the chain, former law enforcement professional and computer consultant, Kelly Rogers, partnered with Huff and has almost quadrupled the chain’s size since then. With Rogers' leadership, the company expanded to 21 brick-and-mortar stores across the Southeast, the majority located in the greater Atlanta area, with one in Tennessee. Today, Starship Enterprises employs between 200-250 people.

Throughout its existence, Starship Enterprises has faced numerous legal challenges to their mission to normalize pleasure and provide accessible and inclusive sex education. In one instance, Starship fought a court case in Coweta County (Kelly Rogers’ hometown). After 5 years, we celebrated a groundbreaking and affirmative win, as our Newnan store continues to be one of the most profitable.

Despite these difficulties, we see the value of fighting to ensure customers in all areas have access to sexual wellness products. In each instance, Starship has persevered, and continues to grow as a leading distributor of adult novelties in Georgia. Our commitment to provide a safe, positive environment for sexual health and wellness is steadfast, and we will continue to advocate for our mission, even in the face of adversity.

Our Recent Accomplishments

In recent years, Starship has focused on refreshing our brand and expanding our product offerings. In 2021, we redesigned our website and introduced Starship’s Private Label products, offering high-end pleasure products at affordable prices to customers nationwide. Additionally, Starship has made significant strides to promote sexual health and wellness education, both in-store and online.

We've also embraced our community by developing long lasting partnerships with non-profit organizations and local entrepreneurships including ATL Pride, multiple local pride event sponsors, Georgia Harm Reduction, Positive Impact Health Centers, Southern Crescent Sexual Assault Center, Atlanta Tent Cities, Midwest Food Bank, EnHERgy Pride, Sex Down South, Frolicon, The No Homo Show, and the Empowerment Resource Center, which offers free HIV/STD testing.

Starship has also successfully increased its brand awareness through radio and billboards, two forms of advertising which were previously inaccessible or heavily censored, and often relegated to overnight slots. This expanded visibility allows us to reach more individuals and promote sexual health and wellness with fewer restrictions.

We've also invested in store renovations and improvements, with more enhancements planned for the future. These upgrades create a more comfortable and inviting environment for our customers, confirming Starship's mission to offer consenting adults a safe, sex-positive space for exploration and discovery.

Where We're Headed

Looking ahead, Starship Enterprises aims to continue its trajectory. We have plans to open additional stores across the Southeast and increase our nationwide online presence, while ever-expanding our private label collection. Driving each improvement is our commitment to promote sexual health and wellness through the provision of high-quality pleasure products at affordable prices and shame free sex education.

What Starship Means to Us

Starship is more than just a business; we’re a family. All of us who work for Starship call ourselves a Starship Family – or Purple Family. Progressive from inception, we have always been committed to education for the purpose of evolution, and we stand strongly with principles of inclusivity and empowerment. Starship is a legacy that we are proud to uphold. For us, it's not just about selling products; it's about fostering a community where sexual health and wellness are embraced without stigma or shame.

Starship represents a way of life—a commitment to promoting sexual health and wellness as an integral part of self-care. We believe in normalizing conversations about pleasure and ensuring everyone has access to affordable, high-quality products that enhance their intimate lives.

Kelly Rogers, president of Starship Enterprises, encapsulates our mission perfectly: "It is about providing the community with a safe, educational, pleasure-based sexual health and wellness destination—and providing people in Georgia and the southwest with access to affordable intimate products."

At Starship, we are dedicated to creating a space where individuals can explore their desires, find support, and discover new ways to prioritize their well-being. Join us in our mission to make sexual health and wellness part of everyone’s self-care routine.

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