Comet 21oz Can Safe

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A 21oz can designed as a safe, perfect for discreetly hiding valuables in plain sight with a familiar Comet branding.

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Comet Powder Bleach Cleanser Diversion Safe

The Comet stash can is another popular household or office diversion safe. Indistinguishable from the real thing, the false bottom rim twists off to reveal the storage compartment hidden in the center of the

Comet Cleaner Can Safe. Perfect for the household with a Teenager that is always looking for something, except cleaning supplies.

The Personal Security Products Plain Sight Storage Containers are made from actual everyday household items which allows them to easily blend in. Different sizes allow for storage of all types of valuables. Containers are precision cut and the removable cap is practically seamless. By using actual consumer items these containers are guaranteed to disappear in standard household clutter. For those who don't want to hassle with the expense or size of a full safe, hide your valuables in plain sight.

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