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STRONGEST SEXUAL ENHANCER: Scientifically formulated to stimulate her most sensitive spot and heighten sexual pleasure for her. Intensify the experience with the most comprehensive enhancement gel available. Tingles & Excites With a hint of peppermint and two vasodilators, Wet wow is designed to stimulate the circulation of blood flow. This sensory combination can heighten her sexual pleasure and enhance intimacy.

AROUSAL FOR EVERYONE: Ideally made for women this thick water-based gel provides deep penetrating, warming and tingling sensations that can be shared and beneficial for all involved. Couples can benefit from newly heightened stimulation allowing for new uninhibited mutual rush of passion and intense sexual experiences.

UNMATCHED FORMULA: Paraben & Hormone-Free These water-based gels have a touch of silicone for an ultra-slick, sensual experience. It is paraben free and it does not contain hormones like estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone.

QUALITY YOU CAN FEEL: WET WOW is a one of a kind formula, this maximum strength Wow blend provide a pleasurable and arousing tingle sensation that is more intense and longer lasting than leading market competitors.

GET THE MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Up To 75 Applications Per Tube Wet wOW is CONCENTRATED! We recommend using a small pearl-sized amount on and around the clitoral hood. You will start to feel a cooling sensation within a few seconds. The tingling will begin within a few minutes and can last up to forty-five minutes with the Max O.

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