Heart Wedge Red

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Heart Wedge: Elevate intimacy with sculpted ergonomic design for deeper penetration, precise G-spot targeting, and comfortable oral play. Chic decor piece with machine-washable micro velvet cover.


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Heart Wedge Red

Elevate your intimate moments with the Heart Wedge

Ergonomically designed to enhance your sensual adventures, the gentle incline provides optimal support for deeper penetration, greater stamina, and precise G-spot targeting, while the subtle dip accommodates effortless oral play. Effortlessly fusing form and function, this compact foam wedge serves as both a positioning aid and a chic decor piece. The opulent micro velvet cover adds a touch of playful luxury to your bedroom. Whether nestled atop your bedding or discreetly tucked away, the Heart Wedge invites you to indulge in passion and style.

  • Experience passion in perfect harmony with the Heart Wedge.
  • Sculpted ergonomic design for maximum pleasure and support during lovemaking.
  • Perfectly contoured for the derriere, enhancing comfort and pleasure.
  • Indulge in lengthy oral sessions thanks to the strategically placed indentation.
  • Decor colors stylishly blend with any bedding.
  • Ultra-soft micro velvet feels sleek against naked skin.
  • Remove the machine-washable cover for easy maintenance.

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