2 pc Anodized Notch Grinder

2 pc Anodized Notch Grinder

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Notch Alloy Medium 2.5″ 2 part Grinder - The Notch grinders are now all non-stick. Upgraded 2 years ago with an non stick coating and matte finish. Anodized on the outside to prevent scratching and hard plated on the inside to prevent your material from sticking. Notch-Alloy is a super hard plating that is as hard as steel. The oxidation gives it its non-stick properties. It also make the cutting teeth harder and sharper. This non stick coating is 100% non toxic and contains no PTFE. Each Notch grinders has little notches around the top lid making it easy to grip and turn.  They have razor sharp teeth to grind.  Notch grinders have been on the market for over 12 years.

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