63mm 4pc Crushers Mechanical Grinder

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Chromium Crusher Magnetic Grinder: Effortlessly grind your herbs with precision. Preserve flavor and potency with magnet-powered technology.

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63mm 4pc Crushers Mechanical Grinder 

The Chromium Crusher Magnetic 4-Piece Grinder for smoking cannabis is a grinder with a difference. Unlike other grinders that use blades to chop up your herbs, the Chromium Crusher uses magnets to do the work for you. This not only results in a finer grind, but it also preserves the trichomes and terpenes that give your cannabis its flavor and potency. The bottom two sections of the grinder feature a mesh screen chamber for sifting your herbs, as well as a resin collector meant for collecting potent residue given off from the grinding process. Combined, these features make the Chromium Crusher an essential tool for any cannabis connoisseur.

  • Size: 63mm
  • Material: Metal
  • Brand: Chromium
  • Handle lid
  • Diamond teeth
  • 4 Piece grinder

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