All About Anal Lube

All About Anal Lube
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All About Anal Lube

Anyone who is into anal sex will tell you the most important ingredient is a good anal lube. Anal lubricants are made for everyone regardless of gender and, along with condoms, are a necessary part of anal sex since the anus doesn’t produce natural lubrication. 

Types of Anal Lube

Another crucial benefit of anal lubricants is they last longer than many other lubricants. There are tons of different types of anal lubes available to suit everyone’s desires. Make sure that the anal lubricant you buy does not have numbing effects, since it’s vitally important you are able to feel what is happening during anal sex. If you ever experience any pain or discomfort, that is a sign to slow down, relax, stretch and take all precautions not to cause any harm or injury. Being relaxed is great, but if you’re numb you won’t be able to pick up on your signs of distress! 

Anal lubes can also be used vaginally and are excellent with toys as well! They are thicker than normal water based lubes, which means they last longer and stay on the toy better.

Anal Lube Options

What type is the best lube for anal sex? Silicone and water based lubricants will all get you where you need to go. Some lubricants are also flavored and have warming or cooling, sensation effects. The most popular brands in our list are: Wicked Sensual Care, JO, and, Swiss Navy.

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