All About CBT

All About CBT
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All About CBT

The acronym CBT stands for "cock and ball torture", a type of sexual fetish considered "masochistic" (which means you derive pleasure from pain) that consists of the constriction or application of pain to the penis. The term is also related to sexual devices known as chastity cages, which generally allow the penis and testicles to be easily manipulated both outside and inside a sexual session, providing intense pleasure to the user and the dominant in the situation. 

CBT or chastity cages are popular within the BDSM community, since they are one of the best ways to exert dominance over a sexual partner. For submissives, it’s the ultimate way to give up control and give into your masochistic nature.

Types of Chastity Cages

CBTs come in different shapes, sizes, and materials: metal, polycarbonate, silicone, TPR, among others. Prolonged use is not recommended. CBTs are meant to be used for short amounts of time, and with a safeword in place, should anyone need to exit play for any reason.

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