All About Flavored Lube

All About Flavored Lube
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All About Flavored Lube

Flavored lubes serve the same purpose as traditional lubricants but their delicious flavors make them a wonderful treat. Flavored lubes are usually composed of water and enhance moisture during sexual activity, which increases pleasure and reduces friction. Flavored sex lubes are extremely popular options for oral sex, but also safe for penetrative sex, foreplay and masturbation. 

Lube Flavors

Flavored lubricants come in pretty much every flavor you can imagine! Ranging from classic staples such as vanilla or cherry to more inventive variants such as  salted-caramel or cotton candy lubricant, you can select whatever flavor you’re craving..

Other Types of Lubes

Looking for a little something extra on top of your flavor? Lubes also come with cooling, stimulating, and warming sensations! We have them all from some of our favorite brands: Wicked Sensual Care, Sensuva, CalExotics, JO, Wet

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