All About Hybrid Lube

All About Hybrid Lube
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All About Hybrid Lube

Let’s talk about hybrid lubricants. These personal lubes are usually composed of about 10% silicone and 90% water, making them literally, the best of both worlds. They provide a soft, pleasant, and long-lasting slip during sex and masturbation. Due to their delicate and light formulas, they're compatible with most condoms and sex toys, don’t stain delicate fabrics, and are super easy to clean up.. 

The Best Hybrid Lubes

Looking for the best hybrid lube? Then this is the page for you. Hybrid lubes are ideal for both anal and vaginal sex. Plus there are many wonderful options available to you in our catalog, including CalExotics After Dark Essentials, Wicked Sensual Care Simply Hybrid, and Sensuva Ultra Thick Hybrid lubes

Sensitive Hybrid Lube Options

If you’ve got specific sensitivities when it comes to ingredients, consider shopping for all natural, paraben free, glycerin free, condom compatible, sensitive, or  hypoallergenic options. Dive in and start your hybrid adventure today. 

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