All About Massage Oil & Candles 

All About Massage Oil & Candles 
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All About Massage Oil & Candles 

Massage oils and candles are an amazing way to ignite passion with your partner, in a group, or even on your own! These types of candles are made with special wax that has a low melting point, meaning you can use the wax safely on your skin for amazing temperature play or massages without worrying about burning delicate skin. Plus they can be used in non-intimate settings, too, such as the bath, or nightstand. 

Erotic Massage

Massage oils are great for giving the most erotic massages you can possibly imagine. They’re formulated to make your skin feel soft and hydrated, and many of them have scents that will make your sensual moments even more enticing.  

Popular Brands of Massage Oils and Candles

Earthly Body, Sensuva, Intimate Earth, and Swiss Navy are some of the most popular brands of oils and candles in our catalog, which also includes edible options. The variety here is endless, whether you're into hot wax bondage, wax play, or simply trying to find the best massage oil.

There are a ton of different options when it comes to ingredients from all-natural to parabens-free to condom compatible

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