All About Silicone Lube

All About Silicone Lube
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All About Silicone Lube

For those who enjoy long sessions of penetrative sex, silicone lubricants are the best! They don’t absorb easily, providing extra smooth, friction-less glide for extended durations of time.  In short, they last longer, without having to be reapplied, than other types of lube.

Types of Silicone Lube

Within our diverse catalog you’ll find amazing options. From daily use, pure silicone variants to ones with cooling, relaxing, and warming sensations. Some of our most popular silicone lubricants are: Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lubricant, Wicked Ultra Silicone, Gun Oil Pump, and Jo Xtra Silky Thin Silicone.

Choosing the Right Lube

While silicone lubricants are a tried and true favorite of many, It’s important to acknowledge that certain silicone lubes are not suitable for all skin types or all sex toys. Silicone toys and silicone lube, for example, do not always make a great match. The different types of silicone can react with one another and cause porous sex toys to degrade over time. Choosing a silicone lube with natural ingredients, condom compatible, free of glycerin and parabens is crucial in order to prevent yeast, genital irritation, and hormonal imbalance.

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