All About Suction Vibrators

All About Suction Vibrators
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All About Suction Vibrators

Suction vibrators, also known as clit suction vibrators, are adult toys that simulate oral sex. Their main function is to stimulate the clitoral region, resulting in intense experiences and orgasms. These vibrators with suction create a slight pulling sensation on the clitoris, which, along with the oscillation of vibration waves, improves blood flow to the area, making you more sensitive and receptive to pleasure. These toys were made popular by the famous Rose Vibe going viral across every social media platform.

Types of Suction Vibrators

Some of these incredible toys are designed to stimulate with soft sonic waves, while others simply absorb air under pressure in order to suction the clitoris. Suction vibes are also available in a wide range of sizes, power levels, and different fun, sexy designs. They can even be used to stimulate your breasts and other erogenous zones! Anywhere you’d like to feel a lover’s mouth against you is a great place to try a suction vibrator. 

Our Favorite Brands of Suction Vibes

A myriad of styles and options can be found in our store, from the most subtle to the most interesting models, with brands like Starship, Viben CalExotics, Sensuelle, Bloomgasm, and many others.

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