All About Water Based Lube

All About Water Based Lube
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All About Water Based Lube

Water-based lubes, as you might imagine, are composed primarily of water! They are designed to reduce friction and increase slip to make sex and masturbation even better. They’re compatible with condoms and a great option for vaginal, anal, and oral sex, since they’re gentle on the skin. Water based lubes can be used with all types of sex toys, are hygienic, not sticky at all, do not stain fabrics and since they absorb into the skin, they are very easy to clean.

Water-Based Lube Options

Water-based personal lubricants also have a large array of flavored options, which are a favorite for those who love licking, kissing and oral sex. You can apply it to your genitals, your favorite sex toy, or anywhere you need some extra smoothness and comfort. In our library of water derived lubricants, you will discover the best options in every category: All natural, condom compatible, glycerin free, paraben free, flavored and sensitive, among others.

Our only caveat is to avoid water based lubes if you are engaging in water play, such as sex in the bath, shower or swimming pool, as this type of lube washes away with water. 

Our Favorite Water-Based Lube Brands

Some of our favorite water based lubes include Wicked Aqua, JO H2O, Fuck Sauce Watermelon, Swiss Navy Water Based, all of them with water-based warming lube, cooling, and stimulating sensations as well.

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