Starship's 2021 Year in Review

Starship's 2021 Year in Review
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Starship's 2021 Year in Review

To say 2021 flew by would be an understatement. In Georgia, and the world at large, we have experienced tremendous changes — not only because of the pandemic but also due to heightened concerns over our continued pursuit for equality and justice. These ongoing nationwide tragedies have given us pause. It’s been a time to invest, to rebuild, to do better.  And for the opportunity to take stock and improve, we are incredibly grateful.

Beyond Customer Service

It’s no secret that people seek comfort and pleasure, especially in crisis. No one knows this better than a chain of adult shops but to be effective in our offerings, we had to look deeper than our inventory, to the entire customer experience. How is our message resonating for people, in ads and our digital properties? How are people feeling when they are on our website or in our stores? How are the products we sell bringing pleasure to our customers long after they have checked out? What are we doing to ensure they come back?

A New Look

Beginning with our messaging and marketing, we expanded our graphic design team, created a beautiful new logo as well as fresh advertising concepts. We redesigned our website to be brighter and more user-friendly. We also invested in our social media presence, growing Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, allowing us to connect with the world and engage and collaborate with others in the sexual health and wellness space. When we look back to where we were, and where we are now, there is still much to do, but we couldn’t be prouder!

Improved Shopping Experience

We also listened to feedback from our valued in-store customers and began major store renovations. We added LED overhead lighting to make the stores brighter and more welcoming. Two of our buildings have been repainted and we have big plans in the works for the remaining locations. We are also in the process of repaving and renovating our parking lots. Our vision remains a work in progress but we are deeply committed to creating a comfortable shopping experience for all.

Developing Our Own Line of Products

Finally, and in what may be the biggest shift in our business model, we became manufacturers. After four decades in distribution, we saw that we could offer our customers high quality, Starship branded, products for a fraction of the cost and the journey has been amazing. Today we have our very own, best-selling Blooming Rose, Moon Rocks Plugs, Super Nova Wand, and Calypso Vibe. Those are just the beginning; be on the lookout for the Starship line of personal lubricants, which will be available this month, and over 100 Starship branded skus in 2022.

Investing in People

With heightened consciousness, and gratitude, we also invested in our amazing employees, who make everything possible. We were able to raise our entry level clerks, assistant managers and buyers by $2-$3 an hour, as well as make significant donations to the charities which support our communities. 

In summary, for Starship Enterprises, 2021 was about investing and improving, being the change we want to see in the world, and cultivating pleasure with every connection. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

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