The Best Sex Toy Travel Tips

The Best Sex Toy Travel Tips
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The Best Sex Toy Travel Tips

With summer in full swing, we know many of you are going to be packing up and heading out on trips with the ones you love the most. And as a bonus, you can bring toys along with you to ensure your holiday is full of all the pleasures you can imagine. 

The Best Sex Toys for Travel

 There are certain toys that make for amazing travel companions, which we recommend to pretty much anyone who wants to bring a little buddy along! Bullet vibes are tiny, discrete, and pack a surprising punch. They’ll fit easily into whatever bag you’re packing and many of them don’t really even “look” like sex toys, so if someone discovers it they likely won’t know what they’ve found. They can also be used on everyone’s erogenous zones, regardless of gender or anatomy!

How to Fly With Sex Toys

 If you’re going to be flying with your sex toys, you’ll want to make sure you pack them in a clear bag (inside of your carry-on, of course), that way if TSA needs to check your bag, they can examine them without necessarily touching your toys. It’s legal to travel by plane in the USA with sex toys, but if a toy is deemed dangerous or it could be somehow used as a weapon (think a big, metal dildo, for example), it’s possible that it could be confiscated. We recommend erring on the side of caution. Bring along silicone toys, and it’s probably best to leave the big guns at home. 

Best Sex Lube for Travel

 For lube, instead of bringing a big bottle along with you, consider travel-friendly 2 oz sizes or travel foils! These are travel-friendly since you don’t have to worry about them accidentally coming open and squirting all over your luggage. 

Travel Lock Your Sex Toys

 Another favorite tip: check your toys for travel locks! A lot of people don’t realize it, but many vibrators come with travel locks to prevent them from accidentally getting turned on and buzzing away in your bag, draining your battery, and your privacy all at once. 

Don’t Forget the Toy Cleaner

 If you’re bringing toys along with you on your vacation, make sure you remember to pack a good toy cleaner as well. Sex toy cleaners are specially formulated to be safe and gentle on your toys, meaning you can clean them as often as needed without ever worrying that they’re being damaged. Clean your toys before and after each use.


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