Transgender Sex Toys: A Guide

Transgender Sex Toys: A Guide
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Transgender Sex Toys: A Guide

Shopping for sex toys is an experience that should always be fun and exciting, but for lots of transgender people, this experience can come with extra challenges. In an industry that's been traditionally marketed to cisgender people and relationships, finding adult toys that both work for your anatomy and are gender affirming can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Luckily, at Starship Enterprises, we’re here to help. Not only do we carry gender inclusive sex toys and accessories, we also make it easy for you to find them both online or in-store. If you are a trans or non-binary person who is new to shopping for sex toys or just wants to become more comfortable with the experience, then this guide is for you! 

How To Shop for Sex Toys When Transgender

The first step we always recommend when shopping for adult toys as a transgender person is to become informed! Whether you’re pre-op, post-op, non-op, or on HRT, your unique anatomy, personal preferences, and desired gender expression all play a role in which type of toy you should choose Spend a little time on on our website looking at different kinds of sex toys, read reviews, browse our Bedside Manners blog and Pleasure Guides, and familiarize yourself with your options. 

Can You Use Toys with Gender Dysphoria?

It is entirely possible to have fulfilling sexual experiences even if you struggle with gender dysphoria.  There are a wide variety of gender-inclusive sex toys designed to provide both affirming appearances and pleasure to your specific anatomy. 

Sex Toys for Trans Men

Transmasculine people who are pre-op (or no-op) can experiment with strap-ons and packers. It can be very arousing and gender affirming to see yourself with a penis of your own. If you wear boxer shorts on top of your harness and pull the dildo or packer through the slit in the boxers, the experience becomes even more realistic! Some strap on toys also have vibrating external stimulation or can be inserted internally to bring you physical pleasure and gender affirmation all at the same time. When you find the right toys for your body, you’ll be amazed at how much more you feel like your authentic self.

Sex Toys for Trans Women

Trans women and transfeminine people who are pre-op (or non-op) can experiment with a variety of rings and gender-inclusive strokers that will help increase blood flow and sensation, and can be especially useful if you are on HRT. Pre-op non-op trans women can also benefit from vibrating wands pressed against the head of the penis or perineum area. Post-op trans women can enjoy a variety of vibrating wands and bullets. Dilators and kegel toys for post-op women are not only useful, but can provide pleasure as well.

You Can Use Sex Toys YOUR Way

The most important thing to do when searching for trans inclusive sex toys that are right for you is to figure out what sensations you love. Once you do that, you can customize your toys to work for you.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to using adult toys, as long as the materials are high quality (and you use a flared base for butt stuff, of course). For example, most people think wand vibrators are only for clitoral stimulation. While they are great at that job, they can also be used on literally any erogenous zone. You can use them to massage a penis, perineum, stimulate nipples, or even to rim yourself if you love booty play.

If you find a toy while you’re shopping that’s super erotic and gender affirming to you, but it’s marketed for genitals that you don’t have, there’s a great chance you can find a way to make it work for your anatomy too. 

Shop In-Store or Online, It’s Up to You

Shopping at stores that are inclusive, welcoming, and sex-positive is your best bet to have a wonderful experience. At Starship, being welcoming and accepting of everyone is woven into the very core of our ethos. If you’re comfortable shopping in-store, we’ll always be thrilled when you walk in. 

If you’d rather shop online, our adult online toy store is also an inclusive safe haven. You can explore our Vulva Pleasure, Penis Pleasure, and For All sections, to easily shop the options that are perfect for your anatomy without having to misgender yourself in the process. Sex toy online shopping with Starship is great, because all orders over $50 ship free and include a free sexual health and wellness gift!

The Best Transgender Sex Toys, from the Experts

Now let’s get to the fun stuff! Here is the roundup of some of our favorite sex toys for transgender people that’ll blow you away.

Amazing Toys for Transfemmes

One of our favorite tips for transfeminine people is to really prioritize anal and prostate play. Your prostate is a very erogenous zone similar to a G-Spot, and commonly known as your P-Spot. It deserves all the love you can give it! Starship’s own Hercules Rotating P-Spot Massager lets you experience intense prostate and perineum pleasure with a prostate vibe powered by two very strong, independent motors.

If you’ve had bottom surgery and you’re looking for high-quality dilators that are also adorable, we love the Wellness Silicone Dilator Set! With four dilators starting at only half an inch wide, the Wellness Set lets you start small and move up in size whenever you feel ready.

Vibrating undies are perfect if you want to feel incredible vibrations without having to touch yourself. They’re gorgeous pieces of lingerie that include a bullet vibrator and remote control, letting you slip them on and enjoy yourself totally hands-free. We love the Sensuelle Pleasure Panty. The included bullet has 15 functions and can run 25-50 minutes! 

The Best Toys for Transmascs

Did you know there are cock rings that can be used on your clitoris? If you get a ring that’s “lasso” style, they’re fully adjustable. That means you can slip it around your clitoris and tighten it, which will make it more sensitive. The Starship Hercules Silicone Lasso is a great option if this is something you’d love!

If you’re turned on by the idea of using a prostate toy even though you don’t have a prostate, we have incredible news! The curve that makes these toys so incredible can also be just right for stimulating your G-Spot. Evolved’s Gender X True Blue is an ultra-smooth silicone toy that thrusts and vibrates with two 10-speed motors working together for a truly extraordinary experience. A textured, thrusting long shaft tapers to a rounded gently sloped head while the handle features a vibrating mini-thrust tip (perfect for clitoral stimulation) on one end and a saucy flipper on the other.

You can also use a masturbator even if you don’t have a penis. Something like the Starship Pinkie Realistic Vagina Stroker is perfect for rubbing and stroking against yourself, which can offer incredible mental and physical stimulation. 

Products for Every Body

In addition to the wand vibes we talked about earlier, you can also count on Body Kisses from Gender X no matter what anatomy you have. Erogenous zones of all kinds can delight in this unique suction toy that features a soft, flexible opening that’s large enough for the tip of a penis, a clitoris, or someone who has experienced bottom growth after taking testosterone. Let the creamy silicone surround you with suction or flip the toy over and ride its buzzing reverse side.

Everyone who wants to can also enjoy anal play! Whether you use anal beads, vibrating anal toys, butt plugs, or anything else, anal welcomes everyone. Don’t forget to pair it with a nice, thick anal lube to keep things slippery and safe.

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