What is Santaphilia?

What is Santaphilia?
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What is Santaphilia?

What is Santaphilia?

A lot of people love Christmas. It’s the season of gift-giving, of showing the ones we love most just how much they mean to us. But some people really love Christmas and it’s for a reason you might not expect.

Santaphilia is also known as the Santa fetish. That’s right, some people get all hot and heavy thinking about the big man in the red suit himself, Old Saint Nick. In fact, it’s actually pretty common! One study shows that about 20% of women (that’s 1 in 5!) are into Kris Kringle. The same study revealed that about 6% of men have dressed up as Santa in the sack.

Why Are People Into Santa?

Just like pretty much every other kink and fetish out there, it’s impossible to define why, exactly, so many people want to get down with Santa. There are likely as many reasons as there are Santaphiliacs! But we can make some informed guesses.

Santa Gives Gifts


For some people, it could be related to the fact that he’s the ultimate gift-giver! Santa is as generous as they come, and you can only imagine that would translate over into the bedroom. What lover would be more thoughtful and in tune with your body than the guy who makes tailor-made gifts for literally everyone in the world, after all?

The Uniform Gets Me Going


It could also be the fact that Santa is, in essence, a man in uniform. This is one of the most common fetishes among women, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Santa’s red suit is what brings out the jolly in a lot of ladies out there. He’s a man with a job and he does it well. Thank you, Santa, for all your efforts.

Santa Has the Ultimate Dad Bod

A lot of people are attracted to Santa’s body type! In recent years, people have been craving dad bods more than ever. He’s a big, hefty guy and a ton of lovers want exactly that to keep them warm through those long winter nights.

He Knows When We’ve Been Naughty

The idea of playing with the archetype of being “naughty” or “nice” is thrilling for tons of people, especially those who are into the BDSM scene. Old Saint Nick keeps an eye on us and knows if we’ve been naughty or nice, and acts accordingly. For people who love submission, the idea of being good for Santa and getting on his “Nice List”  can be very exciting. And for those who like to keep things a little more bratty, a spot on his  “Naughty List” and all of the punishments that come with it is sure to keep them coming back for more.

Products for Exploring the North Pole ;)

The Magical Santa Hat is a rechargeable vibrator that will excite any Santaphiliac out there! It’s designed with a wide point of contact to cover all your most sensitive bases. Perfect for a sexy massage during some Santa roleplay or sensual solo play while you let your imagination run wild.

Want a sexy outfit that will have your Santaphilian partner weak in the knees? Santa's Power St. Dick is what you need! It includes a pair of Santa-style shorts with a belt and snowy plush trim on legs, and a Santa hat!

Get into the holiday spirit and give your Sata lover the best present ever - you! Let your babe unwrap you in this Sleigh My Name costume, featuring a velvet crop top with a sweetheart neckline, satin tie shoulder straps, a ruched bust with button accents and a faux fur trim, an elastic underbust band, a matching high-waisted panty with a buckle accent, matching leg warmers with a faux fur trim top, and a matching Santa hat with a faux fur band. 

Winterblitz JO Nipple Titillator is a water-based flavored stimulant designed to excite and arouse the nipples. The cooling tingle comes from a  combination of Peppermint Extract and Menthol making it perfect for that Christmassy flavor that will have you thinking thoughts of Santa all night long.

What lube would Santa love best? Wet Warming Desserts Chocolate Chip Cookie of course! This cookie-flavored lube is sugar and gluten-free, and safe for all condoms! The formula is hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin!


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