3 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend When She Asks You To Buy Her A Sex Toy

3 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend When She Asks You To Buy Her A Sex Toy
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3 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend When She Asks You To Buy Her A Sex Toy

Adding more sex toys to your relationship is cause for celebration. But when your girlfriend sends you to an adult store, it can be a little intimidating! There are tons of options and if you aren’t sure what to purchase, you could end up frustrated and they could end up disappointed. Asking your girlfriend a few questions before you head to the shop will give you both the confidence and knowledge to navigate the assignment successfully!

(P.S. Sex toys also make great surprise gifts! Even if your girlfriend didn’t ask for a pleasure product, you can still ask these questions. Having the knowledge will empower you to buy gifts with a lovely purpose.)

Do They Want A Toy that Vibrates?

The first question to ask is whether or not they want vibration! The answer to this question will lead you to the right aisle in the store, saving a ton of time.

Yes, Vibration Please.

When you think of vibrating sex toys, your first thought might be of a traditional “straight” vibe (this term refers only to the shape of the toy, not who it is made for). And if that’s what your girlfriend wants, she’ll be in for a treat! FemmeFun’s Lola G Vibe is a great option. This vibrator was designed with power in mind, with its soft liquid silicone body, firm silicone core, eight vibration modes, boost ability, and wavy texture. stimulator You’ll experience layers of sensation as you flow through the vibration modes, commanding your journey with two simple buttons. The sculpted G-Spot stimulation will have you coming back for more over and over and over again.

There are a ton of options beyond straight vibes, too, and your girlfriend might love something less traditional! In that case, check out rabbit vibrators, suction toys, bullet vibes, vibrating cock rings, wands, and more! We’ll dive into all of these incredible choices later in the blog, after you’ve asked your partner a couple more questions!

No Vibration for Now.

Vibrating toys aren’t everyone’s speed and that’s perfectly okay! If they don’t want a vibrating sex toy, the most popular non-vibrating option is a dildo. You’ll want to know what material they’re interested in and what look they find arousing, since there are a few to choose from. 

The most common material for a dildo (and many sex toys) is silicone! This is because it’s lifelike, super durable, easy to clean, and is safe for sensitive skin. With any silicone sex toys it’s important to use a water-based or hybrid lubricant, since many silicone-based lubricants will react with the silicone used in the composition of the dildo and  cause it to degrade.

Then we have the beloved glass sex toys. Many people are cautious when they hear there are pleasure products made of glass, and we totally get it! But glass toys are perfectly safe. They’re made with incredibly tough tempered glass. People love glass dildos because they’re perfect for temperature play and they’re works of art. The glass material can easily be heated or cooled, intensifying the already great sensations. Another great thing about glass toys is they are compatible with all types of lube! So if you’re craving that extra cushion and longevity of silicone-based lube, glass is the way to go.

Do They Want A Pleasure Product to Use Solo or Together?

Sex toys come in so many different shapes and sizes. Some are perfect for coupled play, and some are great for solo sessions. Depending what your girlfriend wants, you can select the perfect toy to enhance your intimate life. 

Solo Sex Toys, Please!

Keep in mind, even if you get a toy that’s technically marketed for “solo” play, you can still have fun with it together! You can use it on your partner or watch them use it on themselves while you use your own toy! Traditionally solo toys are things like wands, rabbit vibes, suction toys, and any toy which has a phallic shape.

Couples’ Sex Toys, Tonight! 

If you’re in a partnership where at least one of you has a penis, an amazing option is going to be a vibrating cock ring. These toys offer sensation for both partners, and also give the penetrator more stamina, since the ring helps penis’s  stay harder longer. We absolutely love the Hercules Black Night. This bold, black cockring delivers longer, harder erections! Its heady buzz is perfect to stimulate the clitoris or perineum with pleasure nubs that hit the right spot every time. 

If you both have vulvas, something like a double ended dildo or vibrator can be super erotic to share together. You can both be penetrated at the same time and rock together, making you feel even more intimately connected. 

Do They Want Internal Penetration, External Buzz, or All of the Above?

One of our favorite fun facts is sex toys aren’t only for internal play! There are tons of options, including sex toys you can use penetratively, to ones that are perfect for using anywhere on your body, to combination sex toys that will give you the best of all worlds. This question is the key to getting your girlfriend exactly what they’re craving.

Internal for Me

Internal sex toys will be things like the straight vibes and dildos we’ve already discussed. An internal toy is a sex toy you can use to penetrate yourself or your partner, and they’re super popular for good reason! They can give you that sense of fullness that so many of us go wild for.

Tease Me Outside, Please

External toys are really exciting as well. One of the most common types of external toys is bullets, which are tiny vibrators that are perfect for travel. Don’t let their size fool you, because these little things pack a real punch. They’re typically used to tease the clitoris, but they can also be used on nipples or anywhere else that’s sensitive to touch.

We also adore suction vibrators like the Blooming Rose vibe. These toys use suction technology to simulate oral sex and are pretty much the favorite toy for anyone who owns one. If you love oral, you’ll love suction sex toys.

Finally, another option for an external only toy would be something like a wand! Wands are whole body massagers that can be used anywhere you love to be touched, tickled, and teased. These are a vital part of our toy chest, and we think pretty much anyone will love the magic a wand can spin on them.

I Want it All

Finally, your girlfriend might tell you they want both internal and external stimulation! This is where our friend the rabbit vibe really shines. Rabbits are toys that have both internal and external vibration, meaning your girlfriend can experience dual pleasure and dual orgasms! These are great toys for someone who is looking to get the most bang for their buck, if you will. 

This list only begins to explore the wonderful, sexy world of adult toys. There are tons more to choose from and delight in! If you’re shopping in-store, having these answers will help the sales associate guide you towards the perfect toys for you and your girlfriend. And you certainly don't have to choose just one. Many people have an entire sex toy chest they stock up with all their favorite pleasure products. You can even keep your lubes, toy cleaners, and arousal gels in there so you have a one-stop-shop for all your pleasure needs. 


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