A Beginner's Guide on How to Shop at a Sex Store for the First Time

A Beginner's Guide on How to Shop at a Sex Store for the First Time
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A Beginner's Guide on How to Shop at a Sex Store for the First Time

We know going into an adult store for the first time can be really intimidating for lots of people. We’re here at Starship Enterprises to show you exactly why you should come visit a Starship store in-person, and to hopefully assuage some of your fears.

Why You Should Shop In-Store

When it’s time to buy a new sex toy, a lot of people head straight to the internet, and that’s wonderful! When you shop for toys online, you can read reviews in real-time, look up informational videos and images, and compare different models easily. 

But you also miss out on a few things when you only shop for sex toys online. Number one is the ability to ask any and all questions you might have about the products you want to buy. Sure, there’s a lot of information online about different toys, but we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve come up with a question that no one else in the world seems to have asked online. When you’re in-store, you can ask one of our friendly, knowledgeable associates, and they’ll do their best to get you the answers you need.  

It’s also fun! Shopping for Starship novelties in-person is a fun, and often funny, experience. Whether you go with your lover, your friends, or just on your own, it’s enjoyable to look at all of the products in person. You can see massive dildos you have no clue what to do with, read funny greeting cards, peruse the adult film selection, and just have a good time. 

You might even find products in-store that you never would have happened upon online because you didn’t know they existed to search for them. And best of all, you don’t have to wait on shipping! You can take all your goodies home and enjoy them right away (after you clean them) if that’s what you want to do.

What to Do Before Shopping

How do you prepare for a trip to the adult store? It’s simple, do a little research! Get online and look around at what products the store has to offer. This can give you a general idea of what you’re looking for so you don’t feel overwhelmed once you step into the building. You can look up types of toys, look at reviews, and just gather some information so you feel better prepared for your shopping trip. 

What to Expect Going In

When you come into a Starship Enterprises location, the first thing you’ll have to do is present your ID to a member of staff. This is the law and it lets us keep everyone safe, allowing us to make sure everyone in our store is of legal age. (P.S., if you’re buying smoke shop products, you’ll have to present your ID again at checkout! We know this can be a little tedious, but it’s because the age limit for purchasing smoke shop products is different from the age required to buy sex toys.)

You’ll be greeted by a friendly associate who is there to assist you in any way you may need. They can answer questions, provide you with product recommendations, and even help navigate some intimacy struggles you may be having. For example, do you have a difficult time physically preparing for penetration? Our associates might just be able to direct you to some products and methods that will make your life so much easier and more pleasurable! 

After that, you can look around at your leisure. Look through the toys and lubes and enhancers and adult films as long as you like! Once you make your selection, you’ll bring it to the counter and an associate will ring you up. This is another opportunity for you to ask questions about the specific toy you’re buying or anything you were curious about during your shopping experience. Then you’ll get a nice, discreet bag to put your purchase in and head out on your way!

Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day

Shopping in-store with us is the perfect time to get some of the most creative Valentine’s Day gifts (or Galentine’s Day gifts) around! Whether you want to get your friend a toy that reminds you of her or you want to pick up something you know you and your lover would have a ball with, inspiration is all around when you shop in person. 

Some of Our Favorite Products

Not sure where to start when it comes to building your shopping list? Here are some of our favorite products to get you going!

Sexy Outfits


One of the most enjoyable parts of shopping in person is getting to look at all the gorgeous, sexy outfits Starship has to offer. You can check out all of our lingerie and decide what would look best on you.



We have vibrators galore! They’re probably the most popular sex toys around, and that’s for good reason. We have everything from vibrating dildos to rabbits to suction vibrators to vibrating cockrings and more. If you want a vibe, Starship is where you should be. 



GenderX is one of our favorite brands of all time. They make toys for all bodies and all anatomies. If you want something off the beaten path, something unique and fun that pretty much anyone can use, GenderX is the brand to explore.

Mini Fleshlight


Want something small but mighty? A Mini Fleshlight is the perfect stroker for you! Fleshlight’s best-selling textured masturbation sleeve, the Pink Lady Mini-Lotus, offers a textured canal with several "waves" spaced throughout.



If you’re looking for premium, high-end lubricant, Überlube will be your best friend. Überlube is designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction. It feels amazingly silky and performs as long as you’re using it. When Überlube stops being manipulated, it starts to dissipate, leaving skin soft and moisturized, never wet or sticky.

Vibrating Panties


Nothing beats a good pair of vibrating panties when you’re searching for something unique and discreet. Whenever or wherever passion takes you, panty vibes are ready for playtime. 

We hope this has done a little bit to help prepare you for your first visit to an adult store! You can use our store locator to find a location near you. 

P.S. As a thank you for reading, mention this blog at checkout to get 15% off your purchase! 

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