ED? You Can Still Have a GREAT SEX LIFE!

ED?  You Can Still Have a GREAT SEX LIFE!
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ED? You Can Still Have a GREAT SEX LIFE!

Did you know ED is super common? According to Healthline, it affects nearly 52% of penis owners aged 40-70! Even though it most commonly affects those 40 and older, it can happen to younger people as well. While there’s a lot of shame and embarrassment surrounding ED, it’s normal, and there are still a bunch of ways to have a great sex life while living with ED. 

Types of Sex to Have When You Can’t Get Erect

Sex doesn’t have to be penetrative, and you can have a great sex life without it! Many people think of traditional penis-in-vagina-or-anus sex when you say “sex.” One great way to keep your intimate life exciting and fantastic is to please your partner with oral sex and your hands! Try starting with an erotic massage using lotions or lube. Flavored or stimulating lubes are a great way to make oral sex even more delicious! Even if you can’t get hard, dry humping or grinding with a partner can be a sexy way to simulate sex and give you both incredible sensations. 

Have you ever tried prostate or perineum play? Both prostate and perineum stimulation can help get blood flowing to the penis, which can help lessen ED. If you still can’t get hard with prostate and perineum stimulation, they are fun ways for penis owners to have sex. They have tons of prostate toys on the market to make anal play extra fun! If you want to read more about prostate toys, check out our blog about your prostate here! Did you know that you can have a prostate orgasm without ever getting an erection? Yes please!

Sex toys are a great way to have penetrative sex with a partner without an erection. While some toys don’t allow for the operator of the toy to have feeling during play, it can be fun for the simple fact that your partner is being satisfied, and the mental stimulation you get from penetrating your lover can be incredibly arousing. 

A great tool to use to penetrate without an erection is to use a hollow strap-on or a penis extender! A hollow strap-on typically doesn’t allow for the person wearing it to have feeling in the penis but they’re a perfect choice if you can’t get an erection at all and still want to penetrate your lover. A penis extender is usually softer than a hollow strap-on, allowing the wearer to still have sensation while penetrating. They can be used with an erect or flaccid penis. 

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