Get Stuffed This Thanksgiving

Get Stuffed This Thanksgiving
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Get Stuffed This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on the year you’ve had and practice an attitude of gratitude. And it’s also the best time to get stuffed to your heart’s content. Whether you’re getting busy with a partner or on your own, we have incredible products that will take the experience up to the next level.

What Are the Best Penetrative Solo Sex Toys?

Despite what you might initially think, you can have amazing penetrative sex all on your own, regardless of your anatomy! Here are some of our favorite products for when it’s time to do the stuffing all by yourself.

For Penis Owners

If you have a penis, one of the best ways to experience penetrative sex on your own is with a sex doll. Most of them are modeled after actual body parts, so you can get one that really tickles your fancy. Whether you want a butt, a realistic pussy modeled after your favorite porn star, a full-sized doll, or a doll that has it all (and we’re talking penis, breasts, vulva, and anus!), there’s something for everyone. P.S. If you add a bit of warming lube to your toy, it’ll feel even closer to the real thing.

If you’re a penis owner who’s into anal, try using a prostate toy! You can get one with a suction cup base and ride until you can’t possibly take any more pleasure. Or you can grab our Intro to Prostate Kit and unlock all of the pleasures of prostate play.

For Vulva Owners

Vulva owners rejoice because some of the best sex toys that have ever been invented were created for you to experience mind-blowing penetrative masturbation! 

Did you know that most people with vulvas need clitoral stimulation to actually reach orgasm? That’s why rabbits are such popular toys. They give you that delicious sensation of fullness and internal vibration while also stimulating your clitoris, which can help you orgasm over and over again. 

Glass toys are another favorite for penetration. The cool, smooth, tempered glass makes for the perfect temperature play toy, since it’s so easy to heat or cool them. They’re beautifully crafted as well, making them works of art in their own right. If you’re looking for a unique and pretty toy, glass is the way to go.

A perfect addition to anyone’s solo toy box is something with a suction cup base! These toys have suction cups on the bottom of them, so you can stick them to any strong, smooth surface, like the wall of your shower, for example, and have the time of your life hands-free!

What Are the Best Penetrative Partnered Sex Toys?

Toys aren’t just for solo play, you know! They’re our partners in pleasure, and they can make your coupled (or group!) sex even more exciting than it already is.

If two vulva owners want to have penetrative sex with one another, look no further than the trusty strap-on! Typically, one partner wears the harness with a dildo or vibrator attached and penetrates their lover. This can make you feel even closer to one another, inviting all sorts of intimacy and pleasure to your sex life.

Another amazing option for two vulva owners is a double-ended dildo. These toys are exactly what they sound like: dildos that have two penetrative ends instead of just one! You and your lover can be stuffed at the same time, and use your bodies to rock against the toy, pleasuring yourself and your partner at the same time.

For couples (or throuples) with at  least one penis owner, penis extensions can be an exciting addition to your sex life. They can be used for a multitude of reasons, from helping the penis owner not orgasm as quickly, to helping them maintain a fuller, firmer erection if they struggle with ED, to just giving a bit more length and girth if that’s what you and your partner desire!

Vibrating cock rings are amazing for partnerships that include  a penis owner as well. They can help the penis owner stay harder longer, and the vibration feels incredible for both the penetrator and the one being penetrated!

If you’re a couple with a penis owner and a vulva owner, pegging toys will blow you away. Pegging is when a vulva owner uses a toy, typically a strap-on, to anally penetrate a penis owner. Often this will stimulate the penis owner’s prostate, also known as the penis owner’s G-Spot. Look out for that P-Spot orgasm, because it feels like no other and it’ll have you begging for more.

What Are the Best Accessories for Penetrative Sex?

There are tons of products that aren’t strictly “toys” that also make penetration so much more pleasurable, and we’re excited to share our favorites with you!

Have you ever heard of a sex pillow? These are pieces of furniture lovers can use during sex to make tons of positions more accessible to them. Using a sex pillow will save your back and knees, and help you keep doing the things that feel good.

Lubricant is a must when it comes to penetration! Did you know studies have shown using lube makes it 80% easier to orgasm? If you’re having vaginal sex, using lube will enhance your natural wetness, meaning you can have longer, more intense sex sessions without either partner getting sore. If you’re having anal sex, lubricant is non-negotiable! Your anus doesn’t produce natural lubrication, which means to have safe, enjoyable anal sex, you need something to help. They even make specific anal lubes that are thicker and have more staying power.

It’s vital to clean your toys before and after every single use, to keep yourself safe and your toys in tip-top shape! Luckily, they make toy cleaners that you can keep in your toy box so you never have to go searching for a sex-toy-safe soap ever again. Toy cleaners are gentle, hypoallergenic, and should be safe to use with all sex toy materials. 

Condoms are super important when it comes to penetrative sex. They help keep all partners safe during sex, and make cleanup easier! Did you know you can even use them with toys? 

No matter who you are or what your relationship status is this Thanksgiving season, trust us when we say you deserve to get stuffed as often and as deeply as you want. 


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