Six Ways to Improve Your Sex Life Overnight

Improve Your Sex Life Overnight
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Six Ways to Improve Your Sex Life Overnight

Everyone wants to be a good lover and everyone dreams about having a good lover. Regardless of your orientation, here are 6 things you can do right now to level up your sex game! And remember, the first step to a great sexual relationship is being communicative with your partner, not only about your fantasies and trepidations, but managing your expectations too!

Introduce toys.

Sex toys don’t have to be scary! In all shapes, styles, and types, there are toys for everyone. This month we recommend taking your pleasure to new heights with a Silicone Rechargeable Remote Pleasurizer from Cal Exotics, which has a uniquely contoured design with a flicker tip to allow for full contact stimulation. Add sensation to anal play with Swiss Navy’s Arousal lube - made with a formula crafted to stimulate him as well as arouse her.

Pleasure yourself in front of your lover. 

Nothing says major turn on then watching your partner get satisfied!

Use lube!

If you’re not using personal lubricant during sex, you’re not having your best sex! Lube is always an essential - its basic function is to reduce friction which protects us from microtears while creating more comfort and increasing sexual pleasure. And lube isn’t just for penetrative intercourse, use flavored lube to invite licking and sucking all over your body.

Turn up the kink.

Interested in trying something new? Go beyond basic with a Sinful Black Blindfold from NS Novelties, made with nickel-free anodized material, this aesthetically striking vinyl blindfold is perfect for you and your partner. Or you can take it up another notch and whip your partner into shape with a S&M Feather Slapper from Sportsheets International, delivering some serious playtime punishment.


Did you know you can improve your sexual fitness by exercising your pelvic floor?  Bridges are not only beneficial for your pelvis, but also strengthen the muscles in your glutes and lower back. Did you know that the stronger your pelvic floor is, the stronger your orgasms can be?

Deep breaths.

The mind is very powerful so before you begin any intimate activity, take some long, deep breaths, relax and let any stresses melt away. You could even ease into your date with an Edible Candle from Sun Touch. This is a candle and warm massage oil all in one! It contains all natural ingredients, coconut and almond oil, so it not only adds delicious aromatherapy to your session, it also tastes great. 

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