Benefits of prostate massage and our favorite prostate products

benefits of prostate massage
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Benefits of prostate massage and our favorite prostate products

Hey fellas -If you haven’t taken the plunge into prostate pleasure, it’s never too late! The pros outweigh the cons (what cons?) -- Not only does it open the door to an entire new world of orgasmic possibilities, it’s good for you, too! A P-Spot super orgasm is only possible with prostate play, a release so immense it will make you wonder why you’ve never tried it before (and don’t forget the lube!) Beyond getting your rocks off, the practice of self-administered prostate massage is being embraced by sex educators, holisitic practitioners, and an an increasing number of the medical community as an alternative modality of treatment for those suffering from prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrom, or other symptoms associated with BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - prostate enlargement.) Now’s the time to embrace the prostate like never before!

Adam’s Rechargeable Prostate Pleaser + C Ring from Adam & Eve

Get cozy with this vibrating booty toy –– and turbo-charge your erection, too! The angled tip drives your prostate wild and intensifies pleasure. At the same time, your rod gets harder and has more endurance with a stretchy, snug-fitting ring. Designed with customer input, this wonder is great for solo or couples fun!

Helix from Aneros 

Kickstart your prostate stimulation with the Helix. Designed with an angled and contoured stem, it’s relatively large head makes for heightened sensations, speeding up the learning curve for your body to enjoy prostate stimulation. It can also be used completely hands-free, allowing you freedom to explore the sensations in any number of positions.

Rooster Capital P from Curve Novelties 

Embrace the cock with the Rooster Capital P from Curve Novelties. This seamless hygienically superior anal plug is an anatomically designed prostrate massager. With 4 inches insertable length with an easy grip pull ring, the bulging spheres and flowing curves provide added stimulation.

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