Best Products for Prostate Play

Best products for prostate play
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Best Products for Prostate Play

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located near the bladder and it helps in the production of seminal fluid. It is also known as the P-Spot and prostate stimulation during sex can lead to incredibly strong orgasms unlike anything you’ve felt before. If you’re interested in getting into prostate play, here are some of our most highly reviewed and best selling prostate toys. (P.S. Use code PROSTATE22 to get 15% off prostate massagers during September.)

Adams Vibe Triple Probe - $46.99

Adam and Eve’s Triple Probe prostate vibe delivers intense and deeply satisfying orgasms with two ergonomically angled shafts and a powerful seven-speed motor. A sloping, vibrating arc with a bulbous tip at the end targets the P-Spot for mind blowing stimulation. At the same time, a shorter shaft teases the perineum (better known as the taint) for total, body-quaking release. Bring this waterproof toy into the bath or shower for uninhibited play. 

Pipedream Anal Fantasy Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker - $125.99

Experience the ultimate in prostate play with the incredible Anal Fantasy Elite Collection Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker. This unique prostate pleaser offers amazing innovation with a fully automated milking system to simultaneously stroke your prostate and rock your perineum. The Ass-Gasm Pro P-Spot Milker’s curved tip offers “come hither” massage movements that allow the base to rock back and forth and apply pressure against the perineum. The P-Spot “Milking Action” rhythmically jerks the c-ring and your cock, delivering rock-hard erections and the most explosive ejaculations every time! The powerful vibrating bullet located at the tip of the P-Spot Milker features nine thrilling vibration patterns. 

Cal Exotics Admiral Silicone Anal Training Set - $27.99

You can dive deep into uncharted territories of pleasure with the Admiral Silicone Anal Training Set. This thrilling anal training kit includes a set of two ergonomically curved anal plugs with an easy-pull ring and firm, flexible feel. To enjoy everything the exhilarating world of anal play has to offer, it’s important to train to ensure total safety and satisfaction. Each probe in this kit gradually increases in length and girth for superb pleasure at any level of pleasure play. The gently curved design and flexible fit is sure to hit just the right spot. The convenient easy pull ring offers steamy stimulation, effortless insertion and gentle removal. The flexible probes are made from a rippling textured silicone. 

Anal Fantasy Elite Hyper-Pulse-P-Spot - $89.99

The Anal Fantasy Elite Collection Hyper-Pulse P-Spot Massager is uniquely designed to conveniently reach and stimulate your anal pleasure zones. With its special curvature, you can easily position the exclusive “Hyper-Pulse” and turn up the vibration right where you want it most. Made from a silky-smooth Elite Silicone™, this ergonomic wand stimulates those hard-to-reach areas while allowing you to enjoy full control of all the stimulation modes! The exclusive “Hyper-Pulse” design concentrates intense stimulation at the face of the tip and directly on the P-Spot. A powerful motor drives the soft, silicone diaphragm to create the most intense massage your ass will ever experience! 

Starship Hercules Triple Prostate Probe - $10.99

Explore wild prostate sensations with this easy-to-use beaded probe. Lube up and slip each bead in one at a time. Beginning with the tapered tip, you’ll discover new feelings as you slowly slide in each larger bead for a deeper thrill!

Evolved Gender X Ins & Outs Kit - $46.99

With the Evolved Gender X In’s & Out’s Kit, you can experience two complementary shapes working in harmony. It features a dildo and stroker combo that has beautifully crafted silicone profiles and a multi-speed motor that's safe to submerge underwater. The gently spiraling, bulby dildo finishes with a sturdy suction cup that's perfect for hands-free play while the velvety arms of the vibrating stoker envelop you in pleasure, circular textures on the inner channel adding more erotic sensation with every pulse of its ten-speed motor.  

Viceroy Agility Probe - $32.99

The Viceroy Direct Probe is sure to thrust you into the orgasmic world of extra-deeply satisfying stimulation. The uniquely curved shaft, bendable design, and easy retrieval ring let you deliver pinpointed stimulation with every thrust. The ergonomically curved probe with bulbous tip design was created to perfectly tease intimate curves, while the bendable shaft delivers knee-shaking pleasure.

And for best results with all of these toys, make sure you’re using anal lubricant! Happy P-spot play, everyone. 

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