Best Toys and Lubes for Masturbation May

Best Toys and Lubes for Masturbation May
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Best Toys and Lubes for Masturbation May

Masturbation May is finally back and we couldn’t be more excited! This is the perfect month to really focus on your pleasure. You can learn a ton about yourself and your desires when you make it a point to masturbate regularly and try new things. Lucky for you, we’re here with a roundup of the toys and lubes that will make this your most orgasmic Masturbation May ever.

Mess-Free Water-Based Lubricants 

Did you know some lubes are made specifically for your sex toys? Wicked Sensual Care’s Toy Love is a water-based lubricant designed to be your toy’s best friend. It’s a thick gel so it won’t run off the surface of your toy and it will last longer than thinner (more common)  water-based lubes. Starship’s Water-Based Lube is another customer favorite. It’s gentle, easy to clean, never stains, and has a long lasting formula that adds comfort, creating even more pleasure during your most intimate experiences.


Stay Slick with Silicone Lubes

If you're using silicone lube, use your fingers, or non-porous toys such as glass or metal! Silicone is perfectly designed for all types of water play, but be careful using silicone lube with silicone toys as it has been known to break down other forms of silicone and you never want to compromise the integrity of such intimate objects. 

Sensuva’s Silicone Lube is an awesome pick because it’s made with the highest grade silicones to provide a smooth, silky, long lasting sensation. Our second pick for a silicone lube is Starship’s Silicone Lubricant. Starship lubricants are high quality and won’t break the bank!

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Lube

Hybrid lube is Masturbation May’s bestie! Why? Because hybrid lube is the perfect mix between silicone and water-based lubricants, making it safe for all of your sex toys and also providing more staying power, and endurance 

Our first hybrid lube choice is Playboy’s Slick Hybrid which offers a wonderful blend of water and silicone for a smooth, long-lasting experience. Another great choice would be Starship’s Hybrid formula. This is a lovely lube at an amazing price. It’s perfect for a first time buyer or anyone looking for a high quality-lube on a budget! 


Don’t Ignore the Booty: Specialty Anal Lubricants


Starship’s Anal Lubricant is a water-based lube. It’s a great choice if you’re using condoms during anal play, because it won’t degrade the condom. You may have to apply it multiple times though, since water-based typically doesn’t last as long as other lube types. 


If you’re searching for an anal lube that’ll stay right where you need it for the long haul, we love Swiss Navy’s Silicone Anal Lube. It’s a premium anal lubricant designed for maximum comfort and satisfaction. Another favorite of ours is Wicked Sensual Care’s Jelle. Its super thick viscosity adds extra cushioning around all those sensitive membranes.


Vulva Owners Embrace Pleasure with These Toys

The Bodywand My First Mini Wand proves that very good things actually can come in small packages.  This wand's slender, compact design is ideal for travel, and its flexible head with ten vibration modes make it a recipe for intense pleasure wherever the road takes you!


Satisfyer’s Love Triangle Clit Stimulator combines incredible Air-Pulse Technology with deep vibrations and a smooth silicone head. It’s equipped with a travel cap, so you can feel safe storing it at all times, even on the go. This little baby packs a punch as it sports eleven pressure wave intensities and ten vibration settings. 


Starship Blooming Rose is Masturbation May’s best friend for a reason. It has innovative air technology that delivers pin point accuracy and unmatched clit stimulation. It’s like packing the best oral sex you’ve ever had in your carry-on! The Rose is waterproof and rechargeable, perfect for trips or water play.


Looking for The Best Penis Toys Around?

With Evolved’s Playboy Twist & Stroke you can bring the sexiest stroker with you wherever you go this summer. It features six speeds and rhythms and waterproof design. Perfect for all your solo sessions this Masturbation May. The twist off protective cap doubles as a self-drying UV cleaner, which locks back into place when you’re ready to get it on again!


The Renegade Vibrating Massager is a prostate massager that combines the perfect angle with a silky rounded tip to target the sensitive prostate gland. You’ll be delighted as the powerful steady vibration buzzes and throbs against that secret sweet spot.


Starship Hercules Night Rider is the perfect cock ring for those wanting to extend their solo sessions this Masturbation May. The creamy smooth silicone ring keeps you harder longer. Combine it with other toys to blast your me-time into the stratosphere!

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