How to Bring Up Anal and What You Need to do to Prep

How to Bring Up Anal and What You Need to do to Prep
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How to Bring Up Anal and What You Need to do to Prep

It’s Anal August and there’s no better time to start the journey of loving your bum than right now! Have you always wanted to try anal but you’re not sure how to bring it up to your partner? We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need.

Where to Start

We know bringing up new topics surrounding intimacy can be tricky and even a little intimidating, so we’re here to help. Our number one tip is always to start by doing your research. Congrats, you’re already on your way! 

Once you’ve learned all about anal, what products to use, what you want to try, it’s time to sit down with your lover(s) and have the talk. One thing to know is it doesn’t have to be some big, scary conversation. You could bring it up in a casual way. Have dinner with your partner(s) and casually ask them “hey, have you ever experimented with anal?” or “have you ever thought about trying anal play?” Listen to their answer with an open heart and mind, don’t just let them talk so you can have your turn. They might even surprise you and tell you that, yes, they are interested!

Once you’ve opened the topic with your lover(s), you can tell them about the research you’ve done and why anal is exciting to you. Ask them if there’s anything new they’d like to try during sex as well. You never know, you might leave the conversation with a whole list of new, exciting things to try together. 

How to Incorporate Anal into Regular Play

Many people don’t realize you can incorporate anal play into your regular intimacy. If you want to ease into things rather than having a huge anal shebang (which also sounds like a lot of fun, if that’s your deal), you totally can! 

If you’re giving your lover oral sex, you could try stimulating their anus with the tips of your fingers, for example. The rim of the anus is very sensitive, so even just running your fingertip around it can be exciting and arousing for both of you.

Another thing you can try is anilingus, also known as rimming. This is when you stimulate your partner's anus with your lips and tongue, making it the anal version of oral sex.

You could also introduce anal toys into your normal play. For example, one partner could use anal beads while you’re going about your “normal” sexy business. 

How to Prep for Anal Sex

So, you’ve agreed on where, how and when you’ll be having anal and now you need to prep! You don’t need to do anything earth shattering or intimidating, so don’t stress it! Mostly what you want to do is make sure you’re clean and comfortable. Use the restroom beforehand and clean up well. You could use wet wipes and even hop in the shower and use the showerhead to clean yourself. 

There are products that some people love to use, including douches or enemas, and those are an option if you want to really clear yourself out. If you go this route be sure not to use anything with a laxative in the formula. Plain water is best. It’s important to note that this water flush is not necessary, and can introduce the risk of injury or infection, since they have the potential to cause small tears in your anus.

Amazing Anal Sex Toys and Products

Anal Lube

One absolute necessity when engaging in anal play is lube. Since the anus has no natural lubrication, the only way to have safe anal sex, is by using lubricant. You can use pretty much whatever lube you normally like, as long as you consider the circumstances. For example, if you’re using silicone toys for your anal play, you should avoid silicone lube, since they can react with each other and degrade the quality of your toys over time. 

If you’re using latex condoms during anal sex, you shouldn’t use oil-based lubricants. Your best bet is going to be water-based lube, since it’s safe for all toy and condom types. You can even get a lube that was made specifically for anal sex if you want something that is extra thick and sticks around longer than a traditional water-based lube. 

Anal Relaxer

If you’re a bit nervous about trying anal sex, you might want to try an anal relaxer! Relaxers are amazing because they help the muscles of your anus release, making penetration much easier and often more pleasurable. 

One thing you never want to use is anything that has a numbing agent. Numbing agents are dangerous when it comes to sex, because pain is your body’s natural way of letting you know there is something wrong. If you can’t feel the signals your body is sending you, you could incur injury. Plus, the numbing works both ways. So while it takes away pain, it also takes away all sensations of pleasure.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are a favorite toy for many people who love anal sex. They’re perfect for beginners and experienced users alike, since the beads gradually increase in size. 

Vibrating Anal Toys

If you want something extra special, spring for a vibrating anal toy! Many of these toys can be inserted into your anus and have an outer portion that also stimulates your perineum, or the area between your anus and genitals. 

P-Spot Toys 

If you have a prostate, you can’t go wrong with a prostate toy. These toys make stimulating your prostate easier than ever before and can give you some of the best orgasms of your life.

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