Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (+10 Positions to Make This V-Day Unforgettable)

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (+10 Positions to Make This V-Day Unforgettable)
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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (+10 Positions to Make This V-Day Unforgettable)

Looking for a great last-minute Valentine’s Day gift? This is the essential list to make your day, and night, simply unforgettable.

Massage Oil

Handipop Orange Creamsicle Hand Job Massage Gel 



Better than candy, this delicious orange creamsicle flavored massage gel will delight your senses and put everyone in the mood this Valentine’s Day! Let your hands work their magic and give each other massages you’re sure to remember.

Intimate Earth Honey Almond Massage Oil


Give your Valentine a sensual massage with the benefits of all-natural aromatherapy.

Intimate Earth’s enriched Almond Massage Oil caters to body care purists and massage aficionados. Packed with certified organic extracts, let relaxation sink in as you enjoy this intimate experience together.

Sensual Candles

Earthly Body Massage Candle in Vanilla or Strawberry


What is more romantic than a candle to set the mood this Valentine's Day? How about a candle that turns into a warm massage oil? Yes, please! These four-ounce vanilla and strawberry scented candles are truly erotic. Burn the candles until they are liquid, then pour or spoon into your hand and apply as massage or moisturizing oil. Ahh-mazing!


Wicked Aqua Heat Warming Lube 


Suitable for all types of Valentine’s Day fun, this lube will thrill your erogenous zones as waves of gentle warmth excite and stimulate! Clover, cinnamon bark and ginger have been added into this much-loved water-based formula to add subtle sensations, as well as silky moisture to your playtime.

Wet Gold Hybrid


You and your Valentine will appreciate this luxurious hybrid formula that combines the silky-smooth glide of a silicone lube with the pure body feel of a water-based formula. A uniquely luxurious personal lubricant that's silkier than water, but stays where you put it and moisturizes as it protects, and won’t cause irritation, this lube does it all! 

Wild Strawberries Lube


Looking for a sweet treat to end your Valentine’s date? Look no further than this tasty wild strawberry flavored lube. Delicate and lightly scented of fresh strawberries, this lube will set the mood and make your evening delicious!

Couples Sex Toys

Pocket Exotic Double Gold Bullet


If you crave vibrating bullets that offer smooth, sexy Valentine’s Day pleasure, then you’ve struck gold! These dual bullets offer gold-standard multi-speed satisfaction in a smooth and sensual shape. Let these bullets aim for the heart of desire, and enjoy an exciting sensual adventure that really shines. Perfect for a bedroom experience that’s utterly satiating, these stimulating dual gold bullets strive to please!

Silicone Rechargeable Dual Rocking Rim Enhancer


The Dual Rockin' Rim™ Enhancer will send you and your lover swinging into ecstasy this Valentine’s Day! The powerful rocker has a contoured ridged teaser, dual enhancer ring and 2 interchangeable weights, made to thrill with every thrust. As you reach the next level of pleasure, the 12 vibration functions and sensually ridged teaser will leave you in a state of orgasmic bliss. Take this waterproof ring for a dip and embrace those powerful vibrations in the bath, shower or hot tub. 

Clone A Willy Kit Flesh


Are you looking for a unique gift or experience to share with your lover this Valentine’s Day? You and your partner can make an exact, vibrating rubber copy of ANY penis. Clone-A-Willy's casting kit captures incredible lifelike detail, making it the most personalized sex toy on the planet! 

10 Positions to Make This V-Day Unforgettable

The Pinball Wizard 

Partner one gets into a partial bridge position (with their shoulders, head, and feet on the ground), placing the weight on the shoulders.  Partner two enters from a kneeling position, holding their partner’s thighs to help support. Also try resting one leg up on partner two’s shoulder for deeper penetration.

Doggy Style

Partner one gets on all fours. Partner two kneels behind. One of the best positions for G-spot stimulation, this position is a favorite of many. It allows partner two’s hands to be free to stimulate other parts of the body for added excitement! 

The Pretzel

Partner one just needs to lie on their left side and enjoy! Partner two kneels down and straddles their partner’s left leg while lifting partner one’s right leg so it's wrapped around their right side. This position leaves partner one’s hands free to explore and play!

The G-Whiz 

Begin with partner one on their back with their legs up, resting on partner two’s shoulders. Partner two kneels in front. Thrusting, rocking, up-and-down, or side-to-side motions will work here to target the G-Spot and deliver amazing orgasms! 

The Standing or Seated Wheelbarrow 

Partner one stands (or sits on the edge of the bed) holding the receiving partner’s legs. Partner two uses their hands on the ground to balance in a position resembling a plank, and then backs onto them, ending up with their legs on either side of partner one’s hips. This position allows for deep penetration and great view for partner one!


Partner one lies flat on their back with their legs out straight. Partner two sits straddling on top of them, facing toward their head. When partner two is in the riding position on top, they can choose the pace, depth, and angle of penetration, which can help them find what feels best for both partners. This position also allows for rubbing and grinding, which can really increase pleasure. Partner one gets the benefit of free hands to play!

The Golden Arch

Partner one sits with their legs straight while partner two sits on top of them while bending their knees and putting their legs around partner one. Both partners lean back and get moving! This position puts partner two in control of the depth and speed and can be very exciting for partner one!



This position can be equally exciting for both partners and is the act of giving each other oral sex at the same time. The traditional method of one partener on top of the other is exciting, but many people prefer the more comfortable method of laying side by side while doing this position. Side by side is very accommodating for partners of different heights or abilities.


Intimate and easy, this position is the cuddling of sex positions. Both partners lie on their sides, one partner behind the other. Partner one’s leg is lifted slightly up for partner two to gain access from behind. Partner two can use their fingers to play or caress partner one’s body. Partner two can easily incorporate a strap on here as well. 


Always ranking high on favorite position surveys, this position is great for intimacy and eye contact. Your partner can see how much you are enjoying yourself with this position. Partner one lays on their back with their legs bent. Partner two is on their knees, in between the legs of their partner. This position is great for all people and can be varied to suit individual needs. A change in depth can be achieved by putting a wedge or some pillows under partner one’s bottom resulting in a change in penetration angle.

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