The Accommodator: Pleasure for Couples with Disabilities

The Accommodator: Pleasure for Couples with Disabilities
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The Accommodator: Pleasure for Couples with Disabilities

Fun fact of the day: pleasure is your birthright! For way too long, disabled people have been left out of the conversation when it comes to sexuality. 42.5 million Americans, or 13% of the population, currently live with a disability. All bodies are beautiful and capable of incredible feelings. Pleasure is not a luxury reserved for the able-bodied, it’s a necessity for everyone. Luckily, there are many sex toys designed to make intimacy more accessible than ever!

Where Do We Start?

First things first, we recognize that the term “disabled” encompasses a wide range of conditions, needs, and abilities. It is important to engage in an open dialogue with your doctor, physical therapist, or other trusted healthcare provider to determine what is safe for your body. Next, it is time to explore your personal preferences and desires.

Chase your desires in the best way for you and your lover. Whether that means exploring your own body to find the erogenous zones that drive you wild, or having your partner touch themselves while you watch and listen, or anything else, your pleasure is your own to discover. Embracing and loving your body and all that comes with it can be very empowering and can deepen your connection with your partner. Be patient, communicative, and open to exploration to find what works best for you and your partner’s needs.

The Best Sex Toys for Disabilities

We’re here to let you in on some of our favorite accessible sex toys of all time! Starship has everything you need to boldly venture into new experiences, and this list is just a drop in the bucket. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find what works for you!

Need Help Getting Into Position?

We know it can be really tricky, if not downright impossible, to get into certain positions if you have issues with your mobility. That’s where sex furniture comes into the picture!

Something like the Pivot Positioner from Sportsheets could be just what you’re searching for. It’s a wedge pillow you can use to position your hips and keep them elevated without having to strain your muscles for an extended period of time. It also features looped webbing on each side of the wedge so you can use your favorite restraints for added support or an extra hint of spice.

You can pair it with the Pivot 3-in-1 Play Pad, which lets you use all sorts of toys with the Positioner, like flared-base dildos, to put on a show for your lover, or just have some thrilling solo action.

Look, No Hands!

The Accommodator is a latex dildo that straps around your head and to your chin. This allows you to let your hands move around your partner’s body while your mouth and the toy does the rest. It also means if you don’t have the use of your hands, or if you have very limited mobility, you can still enjoy incredible penetrative sex with your partner. 

Limited Grip Strength? No Problem!

If you have limited grip strength and can’t hold onto big, bulky vibrators with ease, a finger vibe could be perfect for you! They’re small, totally self-contained finger vibrators that let you have pinpoint, mind-blowing vibration without the need to grip a vibrator with your entire hand. You can use it to stimulate yourself or your partner. One of our favorites is the Dioni Finger Vibe from FemmeFunn.

Where to Shop for Sex Toys

We know it can be tough to shop in-store with limited mobility. Which is why Starship’s adult online toy store could be perfect for you! All orders over $50 ship free and include a free sexual health and wellness gift. Also if you’re located in Georgia, you can place an order for in-store pickup, or have one of our inclusively-trained store associates help you pick out the perfect item, so you don’t have to wait on shipping.

You deserve to create fulfilling and adventurous sexual experiences that celebrate your body’s unique capabilities. Let Starship Enterprises help you explore what your body is capable of and relish every moment of it.

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