Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Long-Distance Couples

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Long-Distance Couples
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Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Long-Distance Couples

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we know it can be a challenge if you’re in a long-distance relationship. If you’re looking for a way to feel truly connected with your partner across any distance, we have the solution! Bluetooth sex toys will breathe new life into your LDR, and there’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to get started.

What Are Bluetooth Sex Toys?

If you’ve never used a Bluetooth sex toy before, you might not be totally familiar with what they are and how they work! They’re one of our absolute favorite ways to bridge the distance between lovers. They work by connecting to an app you and your lover can download. The functionality will differ depending on the type of toy you’re using, but the general idea is that one of you uses the toy while the other person controls what the toy does.

There are even some toys that sync up together, so your Bluetooth vibrator syncs up with their Bluetooth stroker, for example, and when one of you orgasms, it delivers delicious stimulation to your partner, almost like they’re actually feeling you. The Lovense Nora Rabbit and the Lovense Max 2 Stroker are our favorite examples of this kind of partnership.

Valentine’s Day Gifts if You Love Someone with a Penis 


Finding Valentine’s Day gifts for him that your partner actually wants can be a real struggle, and adding long distance into the mix makes it even harder! When you give your partner sexy toys, it can strengthen your bond and improve your sex life in so many ways! If you’re buying for a penis owner, this is the list for you.

Best Bluetooth Strokers


The most popular category for people with penises by far is strokers! These are toys that simulate penetrative sex, whether it be vaginal, anal, or oral there are strokers to fit everyone’s desires. The best part about Bluetooth strokers is that they connect to an app you can control. 

The Kiiroo Titan Experience is a handheld stroker with touch-sensitive vibration technology. It boasts a real-feel sleeve and nine vibrating bullets that intensify solo sessions. It can connect to your partners’ Kiiroo devices from anywhere in the world and let you share in their pleasure using innovative, touch-sensitive pads. 

The third-generation Kiiroo Onyx Plus has ten motorized rings that undulate independently beneath a removable, real-feel sleeve. It simulates sex, handjobs, and blowjobs on the nights when you’re missing each other the most. The Onyx Plus can be paired with your partners' Kiiroo devices so you can play together.

Bluetooth Cock Rings


Cock rings are a personal favorite of the Starship team! They can offer you better stamina, so the pleasure goes on and on, while also giving you incredible vibration around the base of your penis. The Satisfyer Strong One cock ring is made of soft, body-friendly silicone that nestles flexibly around your penis. The Strong One titillates both you and your lover during in-person sex. If you’re lovin’ on each other from a distance, there are countless other functions to explore, such as creating your own vibration programs based on your Spotify playlist!

Bluetooth Prostate Toys

If your lover can’t get enough prostate play, the Lovense Edge 2 Prostate Toy will be the most delightful gift they’ve ever received. It’s an adjustable prostate massager that delivers powerful stimulation on the P-spot and perineum. The Lovense free app gives you control over the entire range of power levels. Whether you want to deliver light or strong vibes, you’ll always be able to find their sweet spot.

Valentine’s Day Gifts if You Love Someone with a Vulva


Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for her is no small task, especially when your partner lives far away! But worry not, because Starship is here to help. Vulva owners will be thrilled to receive any of the sexy toys on this list. 

Couple’s Bluetooth Toy

If you’re looking for a toy you can use both in-person and apart, the WeVibe Chorus is the perfect present. Intelligent and intuitive, this couple’s vibrator allows you to experience the most powerful pleasure: a shared, simultaneous orgasm! With the free We-Connect app, you can play and share control of the Chorus from anywhere in the world, create custom vibes, and play together with other We-Vibe products.

Thrusting Bluetooth Toy

Lovense-Vulse Thrusting Egg is a wearable thrusting toy. Its fast movements and intense vibration deliver pinpoint G-spot stimulation, leading your lover to climax wherever they are. This is a great gift if you and your partner are on the kinky side since the wearer can put the toy in and go about their day while you control the vibrations, giving them amazing, unexpected stimulation throughout the day.

Bluetooth Vibrators


Bluetooth vibrators are tried and true for good reason. They’re reliable toys that countless vulva owners have fallen in love with over the years, making them a wonderful, sexy Valentine’s Day gift!

Kiiroo Pearl 2 is an advanced G-spot vibrator that has touch-sensitive technology! It can be used for solo play, couples play from a distance, or you can connect it to your favorite videos. All Kiiroo products can sync together, letting you and your partner truly play together even when you’re apart.

Like all Lovense toys, the Lovense Nora Rabbit is equipped with Bluetooth, and when paired with their innovative app offers even more ways to play across great distances. It offers both internal and clitoral vibration, which will have your lover going wild for you no matter where you are.  

Bluetooth Nipple Clamps

Lovense Gemni Vibrating Nipple Clamps are the world's first app-controlled vibrating nipple clamps! Your lover can wear them and have you titillate them wherever they go, offering them a secret little thrill in public or giving them extra stimulation while they’re masturbating.

P.S. Lube Up!

Don’t forget the lube! No matter who you are or what your anatomy is, lube has been proven to make it easier to orgasm. When you’re using sex toys, it’s even more important to lube it up, to make your experience as safe and pleasurable as possible. If you’re looking for something with easy cleanup, that’s safe for all types of toys, some of our favorites are our very own Intimate Care Water-Based Lube, Wicked Sensual Care’s Aqua, and Sliquid’s Original H20.

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