How to Improve Your Foreplay Game

How to Improve Your Foreplay Game
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How to Improve Your Foreplay Game

Foreplay is literally the gateway to amazing sex. It has a way of deepening your connection with your partner and creating even more pleasure and arousal in your relationship. If you want to learn how to become great at initiating and engaging in foreplay, you’re in the right place. 

Make It A Sexy Game

If you’re unsure about introducing more foreplay to your intimate moments, it is, and you are, totally normal! One of our favorite ways to get started is to turn foreplay into a game. There are products you can use for this, such as sex dice that will give you some guidance on where and how to touch each other, or sexy board games and adult playing cards that help you communicate your deepest desires. 

Talk Dirty To Them

Communication is, and always will be, the most important part of sex. While your partner is working their magic on you, let them know what feels good. Tell them how incredible they are. Ask them to do more of what you love. A little dirty talk goes a long way to boost confidence and arousal and connection. 

Try Something New

If things feel a bit routine for you and your lover(s), now is the time to try something new! For example, if you never have (or if it’s been a while), try taking a shower together. A steamy shower is a perfect environment to get close. It’s hot, wet, and clean, the two of you are pressed together in exciting ways. Start with something innocuous like a scalp massage, then let your fingers wander to help them relax and really get in the mood.

Another of our favorite ways to make foreplay more exciting is to bring food into the mix! You can use whipped cream or chocolate sauce drizzled over your partner’s body to make a meal out of them. 

Use Sex Toys

Have you used sex toys with your partner? They are fabulous for foreplay and some toys are even better when you use them together! Here are our favorite toys designed to level up your foreplay game:

Bullet vibes are also a great addition to foreplay. They’re small, compact, and can be used to stimulate anywhere you can think of. Starship’s Fingerotic is a potent little companion that can make foreplay an even more memorable experience with its vibrating pleasure nub surrounded by over 100 smaller nubs, all egging your partner on and on and on.

Lube Yourself and Your Partner

Did you know lube is for so much more than penetrative sex? It can be used for all sorts of things, from oral to massages to sweet, sexy foreplay! Flavored lube is perfect for oral sex. You can use it when going down on your partner, or anywhere on their body you’d like to add a little something sweet to lick or bite. Warming lubes are a wonderful way to make massage time even more sensual and arousing.  

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