The History of Anal Sex

The History of Anal Sex
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The History of Anal Sex

Have you ever wondered how, exactly, anal sex came to be? How long have we been loving our bums?

When Did People First Have Anal Sex

As long as humans have been around, we have enjoyed our share of anal sex. It’s very likely that anal sex predates written history. It’s impossible to pin down when it all started, but we can rest assured it was a very, very long time ago.

We have records of ancient peoples, thousands of years ago, partaking in anal sex and loving it. There are sculptures dating back 4,000 years that portray Mesopotamians engaging in the act! That’s right, our ancestors were just as kinky as us, and they weren’t necessarily shy about it.

When Did Anal Sex Become Popular

Anal sex has gone through many different phases over the course of humanity’s history. Long, long ago, anal sex was very popular! It seems there weren’t many qualms at all about it from ancient peoples. This is likely in part because there was no other form of birth control available, so couples who wanted to be intimate without potentially creating another child opted for anal and oral sex.

In Ancient Rome, anal sex, particularly between male partners, was incredibly commonplace. Ancient Japanese art depicts heterosexual and homosexual couples alike enjoying butt play. It seems that every culture around the world embraced anal sex as a normal part of life in ancient times.

It seems that the Victorian Age is when sexual repression took its toll on society, and sadly anal sex was one of its many victims. Anal sex was looked down upon as dirty and baser, because society of the time did not believe in indulging in pleasures of the flesh.

The Re-popularization of Anal Sex

Gradually, anal has grown in popularity again. This is due in part to the many activists who work day in and day out to bring a more sexually liberated society to the forefront. Now more than we have in a very long time, humanity is embracing pleasure, seeking to learn more about what feels good, and indulging in the sensations we rightfully deserve. 

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